READ FIRST: I'm just a guy who's had ingrown toenails and then stumbled on a way to manage them and I think (fingers crossed) put them behind me. One time I even had to go into a podiatrist and have an ingrown toenail surgically fixed. It was not pleasant. A buddy turned me onto this topical solution called Outgro (pictured to the right). It's cheap and it really works. Basically it numbs the area where your ingrown nail is digging into your sensitive skin, (so that's nice) for some quick pain relief. Secondly, when the skin is numbed up it's more manageable to get in there with the right (sterile) tools and fix the problem yourself. This Outgro stuff is cheap and works well, but for whatever reason isn't at most drug stores (at least where I live) so I order it online. It's surprisingly cheaper that way too.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Ingrown Toenail Solutions

Today we're going to talk about ingrown toenail solutions and specifically how to solve the problem of getting ingrown toenails. This specific post will address preventative measures but if you're interested in techniques on how to help ingrown toenails or how to deal with ingrown toenail in children issues it's recommended that you shoot over to those portions of this website.

Now a far as preventive ingrown toenail solutions go it's important to think about the old saying that says "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." What this means is that a minimal amount of effort in the way of doing a couple of simple things to decrease the likelihood of getting ingrown toenails can result in saving you lot of time and more importantly pain and suffering should you be unfortunate enough to get another ingrown toenail or even your first.

The most widely recommended technique by foot doctors is to clip your toenails often (but not too often) in a flat manner as opposed to the curved nature of fingernail clipping. Look at the picture below to get a visual idea of what the straight and curved cutting looks like.
If not done properly taking care of ingrown toenails can be a recurring problem throughout ones life and in many instances the challenge turns from looking for a cure to managing treatment and finding a way to enjoy the time in between inflammations.

The odd part is that many of us when first taught to cut our nails and maintain them aren't properly warned about the potential dangers of neglecting this seeming mundane task.

Be diligent in your efforts to maintain a healthy foot and hopefully you'll never find yourself in desperate need of ingrown toenail solutions.