READ FIRST: I'm just a guy who's had ingrown toenails and then stumbled on a way to manage them and I think (fingers crossed) put them behind me. One time I even had to go into a podiatrist and have an ingrown toenail surgically fixed. It was not pleasant. A buddy turned me onto this topical solution called Outgro (pictured to the right). It's cheap and it really works. Basically it numbs the area where your ingrown nail is digging into your sensitive skin, (so that's nice) for some quick pain relief. Secondly, when the skin is numbed up it's more manageable to get in there with the right (sterile) tools and fix the problem yourself. This Outgro stuff is cheap and works well, but for whatever reason isn't at most drug stores (at least where I live) so I order it online. It's surprisingly cheaper that way too.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ingrown Toenail Repair

Ingrown toenail repair can mean one of these two things, either a short term solution like an ingrown toenail fix involving a toenail brace or a more dramatic procedure like surgery that offers a repair alternative that promises a more permanent ingrown toenail removal option.

For most people looking for repair information it's important to understand the limits as well as the risks of home ingrown toenail solutions and the answer of how to play the role of a doctor and mend your wounds can not necessarily be safely done by simply watching a video or studying an ingrown toenail photo series that you find in a textbook or online.

If you're going to see a doctor depending on your finances you may want to do a little research before your visit on the costs of ingrown toenail removal so that you're not later blindsided when a bill arrives that exceeds your expectations.

If you want to try some simple home style remedies like applying an ingrown toenail brace, getting a pain reliever like Outgro, or an antibacterial application like Tea Tree oil those are all potentially worthwhile avenues worth exploring that can be used in conjunction with one another. To reiterate when it comes to ingrown toenail repair the various treatments aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.

Regardless of what home remedies you're experimenting with if the area become inflamed or shows signs of infection go see a health care professional immediately to avoid making your situation even worse.