READ FIRST: I'm just a guy who's had ingrown toenails and then stumbled on a way to manage them and I think (fingers crossed) put them behind me. One time I even had to go into a podiatrist and have an ingrown toenail surgically fixed. It was not pleasant. A buddy turned me onto this topical solution called Outgro (pictured to the right). It's cheap and it really works. Basically it numbs the area where your ingrown nail is digging into your sensitive skin, (so that's nice) for some quick pain relief. Secondly, when the skin is numbed up it's more manageable to get in there with the right (sterile) tools and fix the problem yourself. This Outgro stuff is cheap and works well, but for whatever reason isn't at most drug stores (at least where I live) so I order it online. It's surprisingly cheaper that way too.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Proud Flesh Ingrown Toenail

If you're wondering what the term "proud flesh" means and how it relates to ingrown toenail issues then you've hopefully come to the right place as this site aims to give you a straightforward and easy to understand explanation for something that will hopefully be medically beneficial for either yourself or someone you know.

Proud flesh is generally defined as a problem that occurs as a result of the body trying too hard to heal itself to the point that it generating an excessive amount of flesh and results that can cause problems when there's no convenient place for the excess flesh to go. This can cause both aesthetic problems and well as likely more troubling problems with a hindrance of movement or even pain.

Preventing proud flesh with ingrown toenail treatment is a matter of pacing the healing process at a regulated speed that allows the wound to close properly.

How to prevent this from happening to you or someone you care about:

Keep the problem area bandaged and change the bandage frequently. Having a wrap or band-aid on a wound applies pressure that can stymie the corrective tissue growth to a desirable level by applying pressure to the area. With frequent changes of the dressing an individual should see progress in terms of the proud flesh not materializing as the wound closing in a responsible manner.

In many instances the method to be used in conjunction with proper bandaging is to apply topical antibiotic solutions to prevent breakouts on a molecular level that can cause dangerous infections which will in term rev up the bodies immune system to work overtime in an effort to fight off the threat. Anti-inflammatory medication can also play a pivotal role.

Finally, common sense advice like keeping the area clean and using ice to minimize swelling can be useful approaches to regulating inflamed ingrown toenail behavior but if you're concerned about the situation please go see a doctor instead of just relying on whatever general advice you come across online (like this). The cost of ingrown toenail removal by a professional is well worth the piece of mind to know that you're not putting yourself in undue risk.